Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Dream: Building your school

I was in a house.

Then a lot of children with their parents came in to my bedroom. (they must like me so much to come into my bedroom?)

We then went down the stairs and played in the hall. 

After a while, they disappeared out of sight.
I then woke up because the alarm clock rang at 7am. 

But I could not get up as my head was sore.
Then in a vision, I saw a pile of long wooden planks. 

Like the one used to 'build the scaffold' for my cherry plants.

Instinctively I knew what the dream meant.

Interpretation :
Even though I was sick in bed, the Lord was confirming to me that He will indeed help me build the daycare that I was set on starting.

The children came in as near as my bedroom because they really liked me, and they brought their parents along too. The wooden planks were his way of confirming, yes I will help 'build' and be the 'scaffold' to this business.

However, it also meant that it will be on his timing and not mine, and I should not worry despite anything I may feel.

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