7 Aug 2018

Perfecting the craft of writing.

Recently I had to go through much turbulence through the course of my work. 

One would think that early childhood settings are perfect work places, without having to traverse the politics of pay egalitarism, competent staff, well behaved children, understanding parents, and compassionate employers.

Coming from someone who is working in the industry, that is further from the truth.... as they say in Malay, di mana ada manusia, di situ ada kejahatan.. (where there lived humankind, therein resideth  wickedness). 

After tendering my resignation, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

I was going to take some time and be like some jobless hobo, but three days into my unemployed vacation, my former boss, Fowzia, called me. A number of staff in her employment had taken leave from work, and coincidentally I had tendered in my resignation in the same week.

The heavens were looking out for me. Three weeks into it, and I am still helping her for the next five weeks. Three days a week, no less.

In the mean time, a proposition had been put forth to me that put me to consider pursuing further education in the field of publishing and writing.

Since my younger days, it had always been my aspiration to pursue training in the skill of writing. However, due to lack of support, whether finances, or social, it was not a course of action that I had ever considered.

My benefactor asked me yesterday, if I were to pursue this course of training (in Publishing and Writing), what would my long term goals be to make it financially sustainable?

Being my day off work, today I had the time to think about this question long and hard. After a coffee catch up today with a church friend, Elaine, I had a clearer idea on what I could possibly do.

I posed this question to her.

Is it better to be trained in the art of writing, and not have any substantial experience in any field of work, or is it better to have gone through the hard yards of working in an industry and then finally learn the proper art of writing?

She brought up a good point. Even journalists have areas they specialize in.

Whichever way you look at it, or the route that you take, there are its pros and cons. In my situation, I now have a more in depth understanding of the childcare industry.

I am also in a better position to comment on the ins and outs of the food industry, having gone through almost two years of service training in the field of commercial cookery and patisserie.

For now, I will need to devote more practice to perfecting the craft of writing that I may create more good work of quality which will engage my readers. :-)

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