About Me

About Me:
I have travelled from Malaysia down to the cool temperate skies of Australia, New Zealand, the burgeoning South Korea, the train expresses of modern Japan, wintery China, and even the busy streets of Singapore.

NZ South Island: Lake Taupo3
South Island (NZ): Lake Taupo @ Summer 2008.
Dunkin Donuts
Myeongdong @ Dec 2008
With Hye-Ji in Busan @ Winter 2009.
Kyushu @ Winter 2009
Pre-wedding photography: Kyushu @ Winter 2009
Australia has been the place I have lived furthest away from Malaysia, having lived and worked for 5 years in various places, predominantly Australia i.e Toowoomba, Sydney, visited Melbourne, Tasmania & Perth.

My Early Childhood Education Blog: 

Hanna me
Hanna (from HK) during my convocation @ March, Toowoomba 2008.
USQ Friends @ March Convocation: Toowoomba 2008
I am a trained early childhood teacher in Australia, possessing a three years Bachelors degree in Early Childhood from University of Southern Queensland. I currently still maintain an early childhood blog at: http://www.casadelbambino.blogspot.com

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