Sunday, July 17, 2016

Third Attempt: Pound Cake in a Breadmaker.

This recipe for a pound cake... Cakes are so temperamental.

You change one element, it changes the whole cake. Took me two hours to bake it using the breadmaker. ... Why? Coz in third attempt, I used two whole eggs, and one egg yolk, and one egg white meringue. Granted, the one egg meringue wasn't enough to sustain the batter.. (means not airy enough).

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Being a good house guest.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I had a young Singaporean guest from Sydney staying for two weeks. Then a couple of Korean mates coming to stay with two kids.

Really, anyone who is 20, and tells you that 'people think they are really mature'  should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially when they throw their stuff all over the guest room, doesn't help out until asked, or help to clean up when you have cooked meals for them. In fact you have to do twice the work after their arrival.

Whereas one who is in their late 30s who cook, clean, and dry up after themselves know much about being a good guest. So much so that you don't need to say anything.

Someone in their early 20s have to be told what to do, and what to expect. Due to lack of experience of probably staying with others, or mentoring, they really do not know what is required.

Anyways, it's good to communicate your expectations and requirements when allowing or having a young guest stay in your place. It will do much good for their social skills in future and they will thank you for it.

It will make them a much better house guest, and they will get a return invite to stay in future.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

First attempt at smoking lamb

With Masterchef Australia on for five days consecutively (Sundays to Thursdays), and on repeat on Saturdays, it is no doubt that this program has had an effect of encouraging viewers to try out different cooking techniques in their own homes. 

Whilst at cooking school at TAFE, we did not really fiddle much with smoking our ingredients as a cooking techniques due to lack of time in class. In the past few episodes recently, a couple of the contestants have been using a smoking gun to smoke their sauces as well as their meats. 

A check on the internet reveals that a smoking gun costs at least $100 over. Since I am a DIY person, and cheapskate, I decided to not go that path. 

On Queen's Birthday, Anaconda was open. So I decided to take a run to the shops, and they were having sales. Good timing, I say. 

Since it also happened to be the day that my parents were flying off to KL, I decided to make dinner. So a kale salad with onions, sun dried tomatoes and lemon dressing it was, Smoked  Lamb, and hot steaming rice it was. 
Found the Gasmate smoker box for about 20 bucks,
and Apple Wood Pellets for $6.


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