Friday, January 23, 2015

Hair colouring and styling @ R2 Saloon

So it was that time of the year where I needed to have my hair styled again... 

My hair was becoming difficult to manage, and straggly like a dirty cat >_> 

It was back to looking for Kenny, the hairdresser that I have been visiting for the past two years in Mega Mandung that I visited last April. 

I went to visit him on Thursday...

Before pictures...

The back of my hair after a recent chemical perm..

The colours that I chose: brown base and red highlights 

After more snipping away by Kenny, the hairdresser 

Highlights wrapped in aluminium foil and brown base colour applied 

Ta dah!! My hair after being blown 

Looking like a cute Korean girl. Lol

Few days later... 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Best Memories in Bali

Recently I made a trip to Bali in January to join a couple of mates in Sydney.

Posing in traditional Balinese costumes.

Sharing a coconut.

Having traditional Indonesian fare for lunch.

First sunrise of 2015 @ Bondi Beach

So on NYE, my mates and I in Sydney decided to take to the beaches of Bondi to celebrate the first sunrise of 2015.

The last picture is my dipping my feet for the first time in 2015 into the water. Hoorah!!


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