Friday, May 06, 2016

Update: Living the Melbourne life.

It's been ages since my last post. Here's an update.

Since the middle of March, I've relocated to Melbourne from Sydney. I've stayed three weeks in Fern Tree Gully, exploring the Eastern bit. Then I moved over to Truganina, and have been living here ever since. Relocating to a new city is quite a bold move, and has not been easy.

Historic town of Berrima, NSW.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Return from Melbourne

I just returned from a week's trip in Melbourne. It's nice to see my parents....

I didn't have a good time on the Jetstar flight back from Melbourne. I really think they are on a tight budget as they going counter free and want all their passengers to check in via the kiosks. Sigh. What happened to personalised touch? At least Virgin Air has not gone to that extent. Checking in via kiosks should not be imposed on customers, but just an option.. seriously.  

Anyways, here are some pictures of my trip there. 

Melbourne Convention Centre 

Rice Paper, Swanston Street 

Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne 

Lentil As Anything,  St Kilda 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Day 3: I Passed My NSW Driving Test

My third day of refreshing has been good so far.

Last week, before my laptop went missing, I was searching online on the RTA website. Mysteriously, an entire day on 3rd February had freed up, so I chose the time which was off school peak hours. I believe it was God's favour that this free day just mysteriously opened up.

I know many people have told me that I should get at least an hour's paid driving instructed lesson, but it doesn't work for me. First it is expensive. Secondly, I doubt going on a paid lesson will help me in any way to fix any bad driving habits in so short a time.

On Tuesday, I decided to go for a drive with Lisa Hong to Blue Mountains.
Obviously, we did not make it that far. However, we did end up at Bunnings in  McGraths Hills. We had to make the trip short, as Lisa decided we should make a trip to Lentils so we could go and minister to Dai....

Dai is doing much better. I believe the Lord is taking him under His wings. The Lord needs to disciple all of us, even Jesus himself was not exempt from, and going through a time of preparation and training before being released into ministry of serving others publicly. We are not exempt from the same preparation our Master faces.

Anyways, I managed to fix a few driving skills whilst on the road yesterday. Partly were the bad driving habits which I realised I knew I had due to the driving habits in Malaysia, and partly is due to acculturation of the way people drive in Malaysia, and how they never give way.

The same two problems which I encountered today in my third driving attempt, were the very same ones I encountered in the last driving test. This time, I managed to respond appropriately to it, and thank God that the instructor finally allowed me to pass with only a couple of mistakes.

So from an L plater, I finally managed to proceed to a full unrestricted NSW driving licence holder now..  Praise the Lord!

As for my housing problem, job search, vandalism, and the laptop theft, I believe in my heart that God is a God of orderliness. He will vindicate me one problem at a time. Our job is to extend forgiveness, love our enemies, and in the fullness of time, will deliver the vindication.


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