30 Nov 2009

Photoblog: 30th Birthday @ Yong Cousins

On Sunday, my family headed to my cousin's place for a birthday dinner thrown by my uncle. Yes, they prepared a lovely dinner spread for my birthday (and my mom's as well). Thanks, Uncle Albert & family!

The pictures as you will see, are all taken using Agnes' DSLR (no idea what model.. but DSLR la - sahaja nak berlagak, ya!)

Preparing the cake.

cousin Agnes & Me.

Preparing the cake they bought!

The birthday people.(my mom and me!)

Yummy galore of dishes during dinner prepared by my Tai Bak.

More yummy dishes.

Half peeled rambutans & sliced starfruits.

Chicken. ala Hainanese style.

Me posing.. blah.

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