31 Dec 2009

Happy New Year from 02 Ski Resort

Hi guys and girls.
It's freezing up here today.  Well, it's a ski resort- 02 Ski Resort.

But I didn't ski. I did the whole snowboarding thing last year (on New Year's Day itself no less)..
and it was truely tiring.

Today, the group went skiing-- and they gave up after less than 2 hours plus. It was blustery cold, and I didn't even want to go out into the cold icy snow. Everyone was freezing and "wrapped like a bak-zhang" as the chinese may say. ^.^

Bought myself a pair of skiing-water proof gloves (10,000 won) and muffler (20,000won). The muffler more expensive than the gloves? Hmm..

Lots of families went skiing together. Seems like it is a winter affair for most families in winter. ^^

For dinner tonight, I had one glass of soju.. But I guess I couldn't take it as my face turned lobster red right after! LOL.

For sleeping arrangements, so far, we've been arranged to sleep in ondol styled rooms. Meaning, on the floor on mattresses. The floors are thankfully heated. I checked out the room I stayed today. I think it says 330,000 won.. (which is big enough to fit 5 persons). Pretty big for one traveller,eh? Wow... quite a high "published rate", I must say.

Anyways, I am now blogging from a public computer. It's free, but it means I can't spend too much time on this as people are waiting to use it. It's also pretty cold out here-- so I can't stay too long on the terminal.

For ski resorts, I'd guess that most of them only open during the winter months. So, providing long term amenities and facilities here might not be the economically viable move.

Anyways, my greetings to all, Happy New Year and May God Bless You as you set your resolutions for the this coming year!

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Anthony said...

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