23 Dec 2009

Hydroptimale Institute Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavilion

On Saturday morning, I headed over to Pavilion for another facial.

This is the ULTIMATE SOTHYS Institute Treatment facial treatment for females 40 and below. I was really looking forward to it...

The HydroOptimale Institute Treatment retails at normal price- RM350. However, I had a SOTHYS Member Birthday Voucher which entitled me to 50% off the retail price. (I seriously can't imagine paying RM350 for a facial anytime soon though....) >.<

The speciality of this particular treatment is that it utilizes a special kind of patented massage called- the "digi-esthetique" which, according to the SOTHYS website,  "emphasizes on relaxing and detoxifying movements for a high definiation hydration* treatment."  

I was late as usual.....

My BA, Celine brought out and presented to me the range of SOTHYS products which were going to be used on my face during the treatment...

Anyways, I fell asleep halfway through the facial as I had a late sleep in the night before. ^^

After the facial, my BA, Celine recommended me the SOTHYS range of HydroOptimale skincare products - which was the HydroOptimale Hydrating Serum (50ml). Retail price- Rm379, HydroOptimale Hydrating Mask (50ml)- RM239, and HydroOptimale Light Cream (50ml)- RM329.

Even after the 15% birthday discount voucher on one product, the retail price of one product was serious enough to put damage to my already severely empty pockets. LOL ^^

Still to be seen as I have not been sleeping well.... and no one has commented on the facial or my face thus far...just have to wait till I get a comment on my face. ^^

I paid using my CIMB Mastercard Prepaid.

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