23 Dec 2009

Kiehl's: My First Haul Ever!

On Sunday, I somehow managed to arm-twist my cell-group mate, Bell, to go Mid Valley shopping with me...  He was more  a bodyguard than shopping mate anyways.. LOL.

Since I was in the holiday shopping mood, I decided to check out some skincare range...

I was trying to decide between Loccitane, and Kiehl's.

Since I could not make a choice, I decided to get BOTH! It was good timing, as the set was good for travel.

Initially I wanted to get one of the sets advertised as it did not contain among any of the products I wanted. Then the KCR (Kiehl's Consumer Representative?) informed me that it could be "customized" within my budget and my needs. 

So happily-- I "chose" what I wanted....

HERE's what I got....
It came in a clear transparent cosmetic bag
* Nurturing Body Washing Cream (75ml)

* Rice & Wheat Volumizing Rinse (75ml)

* Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo (75ml)

* Cranberry flavored lip balm. (15ml)

* Free Gift: Liquid Body Cleanser- Grapefruit. (65ml) 

*Samples thrown in-
- Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub 
- Ultra Facial Cleanser.

How much did it cost? RM120.
Price after RM10 discount promotion :  Nett RM110.



Jean said...

Mm..the price like not bad for a travel set..Feel wanna try out their lip balm..but I have many lips products at home liao..

Zoe said...

i wanna try their lip balm oso..
it's vry famous and popular...
seems vry nice * *

Zoe said...

i was wonder tis 1, Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub is it pineapple or papaya smell? but papaya smell is a bit...erm.... ><

CY said...

Zoe- i'd say it's most likely a mixture of both fruits. Most likely papaya as a mask, and pineapple as a scrub?

Ya, i have a number of lip balms at home.. barely use it in KL-- but its necessary in winter and cold countries, else our lips will crack.

Cant go out without lip balm in winter.

Abby said...

Ooo...i love their lip balm! Gosh I have 2 of them now. Bought 2 sets myself.