14 Dec 2009

Vision Therapy Eyewear @ Watsons Mid Valley

I saw this at Watsons today. Well, why am I even posting this up?

That's cause I have astigmatism in both my eyes. The thought of using pinhole glasses in decreasing my astigmatism without having to undergo laser operation, or wear another pair of lenses is tempting indeed.

But for RM78.80 per pop (or per pair here), I have to decide whether to get a new pair of glasses for astigmatism (which I will cough up at least RM200 for a new pair) or just to go ahead to Optimax to do retreatment for my eye (about RM994 for one eye).



Miu said...

Lalat Girl or Natural Beauty?

CY said...

Lalat Girl in the Day

Natural Beauty by the Night!!!

And she takes of her Super-Sonic Eye Sight Lalat Girl Glasses!!

Oh Where iS Lalat Girl???

Lalat Girl to the Rescue!!!

Jean said...

saw this long ago too..
think it's a cool fashion item too..wakakakaka...