30 Dec 2009

Writing from Mount Sorak, South Korea.

Hi guys, girls and readers concerned. ^^

Anyways, I have reached the land of kimchi-and-soju safely this morning. It took about 3.5 hours from Incheon to get to Sorak-san by bus. On the way, we stopped by for BBQ. There was also a muslim family on the tour.. so they had.. surprise surprise.. vegetables steamboat for lunch.

For dinner it was something like sam-gye tang. Not too bad. The muslim family had something vege (again).

It was freezing cold in Sorak-san. I really need to get a proper pair of boots-- LOL.
It was not really that cold per se, but more of the frosty biting wind.

Its about 2,500won per hour at this internet cafe at the HanWha resort that I am staying. So far, I have met quite a number of interesting couples, and a number of families in the group.

There is our local tour leader from KL, and there is this China-born-but-Korean bred tour guide, and her trusty side-kick & good looking Korean male assistant. Also not forgetting the bus driver. So there- four persons leading the tour.

Tomorrow we'll be headed to the 02 Ski Resort, having a hand at making kimchi (which I need to get my hands on) and some other funky stuff which I can't remember.

Anyways, so far it's been a fairly good day. It is good to get away from it all and reflect on a lot of things that has happened in the past one year.

For some strange reason, I am unable to log-on to my Facebook account, but I know that my FB account will RSS this... so anyways, you can leave me a message either on this blogpage, or straight to my e-mail.

I will reply when I am able to get internet access.

Till then,
Anyong Kaseyo....


Jean said...

2500won equal to how much in RM ah??
Wish you have a great time over there!! pity that muslim family, only can eat vege..

CY said...

1000 won - equivalent to RM3 (as on 1st Jan 2010).

The muslim family? I think that they are quite happy.