Thursday, March 04, 2010

Arriving in Tokyo: Day 1

Continuing on my tale of traverse around Japan early last year, I arrived in Tokyo after around 5-6 hours of traverse (approximate, from Kyushu to Tokyo). On the day I left Kyushu, it was snowing softly. My first at seeing snow! It was like almost a miracle!

Arriving at the station in Kyushu, I changed my Rail Card (very expensive one) to get my ride on the Shinkansen. 

So along the way, let me share with you some pictures of the places I saw.. *sorry ah, can't remember the names* but its between Kyushu and Tokyo, after Osaka...kekeke.

Shots of the homes and buildings...

Places where people stay...

Places where people go shopping....

Places where people work...

For Lunch:  750 Yen Bento and a bottle drink on the Shinkansen

On arrival in Tokyo, I almost got lost at the station... fortunately I had written down the phone numbers before my Samsung mobile battery died in the extreme cold winter temperature.

Somehow or another, I managed to successfully catch the train to Ai Ling's place (can't remember where it is now..) and we lugged our luggage from the station to her home. Then we headed down to the city, to check out the sights.
Dinner at Pizza Hut. My precious Hello Kitty merchandise...
Ai Ling & her colleague.

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