31 Mar 2010

Asterspring: Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment

Yesterday, I went for another facial at Asterspring Bangsar and utilized my RM198 Service Voucher for a  Calming Aromatherapy Facial. The therapist said my face looked rather stressed out. That seemed true with a huge volcano of a pimple showing on my upper forehead and redness around my eyes..

Perhaps that was attributed to the fact that last week I was busy on site for 6 days straight, getting in by 9am and finally leaving at 11pm at this major shopping mall in the middle of the city and having to face hundreds of walk in enquiries and customers at that. Woah!

The lady said my face was breaking out and hence recommended me the Asterspring Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment from the Balancing range to calm my skin down.

The Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment is a stabilizing facial treatment that aims relieve skin tension with aromatic plant essences.

At the end of the session, I was informed that I had an unused RM38 cash voucher, which could be utilized for product purchases (both normal and clearance stocks) from Eve Taylor and Averine range. I was trying to decide between an Averine blusher brush (NP.RM48), and Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial oil No.1 (NP. RM48).

Since I was not sure which would be better, and I needed a blusher brush more urgently than the face oil, I went for the Averine blusher brush made from pony hair (after discount- RM18), gave the remaining amount of the voucher to my cousin to use, and now she owes me a coffee at Coffee Bean. *Ngek, Ngek, Ngek*.

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