30 Mar 2010

Ion-Steamers: Do they really work?

 Today, I went for another facial at Asterspring Bangsar and utilized my RM198 Service Voucher for an AromaTherapy Facial.

Towards the end of my facial, I noticed that the beautician used this contraption which was used to spray "moisture at nano level". The therapist claimed that the technology was imported, and was not available locally, and was also used on "a spray basis with nano molecules to provide ease of absorption and moisturizing effect".

The fact that the machine (looked rather retro from the earlier days...) lead me to believe that this technology has long been in the market, especially in the beauty line, and has only been introduced to the end-customer recently by Panasonic.

A sexy woman modeling for Nano Care Ion Steamer.
Last year, I was at the Panasonic Power of Exhibition Expo, and had the chance to try out the Panasonic Nanocare (Hot & Cold Platinum Steamer).

It claims that the ion-steam is about 1/200000th that of normal steam, at cell level nano-size and "the platinum steam is nano-sized particle ion steam containing 1-5nm sized particles of platinum, an anti-ageing component. The vibrant steam reaches deep inside the skin's keratin, fortifying the layers with resilience, elasticity and firmness."

I was of course more than sceptical. Just financially too cash-strapped to plonk down RM1000+ for a ion-steamer at any point of time soon then and now..!

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