13 Mar 2010

Lelong Lelong.. Clearing my stuff away!!

Hi girls (and guys and readers).

I am in the midst of clearing up my stuff and preparing for my trip Down Under.. yes.. as much as I would like to drag my beloved and loved skincare for me, however the 20kilo allowance + 7 kilo hand luggage + 1 laptop bag does not really do much for size allowance as I need to bring loads of winter clothing (as its going to hit the cold winter seasons in Australia soon) to last me through out the winter season...

So, tum da da dum, I'll be clearing as much of the stuff (as I could possible) at clearing prices-- on The Beauty Regime FACEBOOK page.

If you can't wait, then check out The Beauty Regime SHOP to check out the range available. ^^ Lots of new- and loved items I have lovingly brought back ... 

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