12 Mar 2010

R&R at Bangsar Shopping Centre: Kiehls, Asterspring

Having had a really stressful day (worrying about work) this week, and worked all of last weekend on site in an exhibition, I decided to sneak in some "unofficial" R&R in the books...

(I hope my Manager is not reading this post.....)

Since my usual beautician at Sothys Pavilion was fully booked, I decided to head to Bangsar Shopping Cenre (BSC) as I am acquainted with one of the therapists who works in Asterspring.

Parking: RM1.60? by the hour. There is no maximum, so keep a lookout for the time, else you'll be paying and arm and a leg.

I am wondering if the Management provides discounted/ free parking for purchases more than RM100? If you know, do tell!  ^^

As my acquaitance was busy with a client then, I decided to make better use of my time by heading off to TIMES bookstore, and thereafter, headed off to Kiehl's, where the SA, Will showed me around the shop and gave me some samples. Yippee!! He asked me about the type of products I had used, and I just mentioned that I bought some during Christmas when Kiehl's was having their promotions.

This time, I had a better look at their hair conditioning range, as well as the face cleansers, Will gave me samples for face cleansers Ultra Facial and Ultimate White Exfoliator, as well as Olive Fruit Oil conditioner, as the range I had bought during Christmas did not seem to suit my skin, nor my hair type.

As I had already prebooked my "normal professional facial" at Sothys, I could not take another "professional facial" in the span of less than two weeks. >.<

The most basic (and cheapest) facial on the menu was RM75, so I opted for that. It fell under the Balancing Range, the Refreshing Facial, which had all the basic quirks.

If there is one thing I may say, even their RM75 facial is quite good. Compared to say some mom & pop's place, this had a rather exquisite feel. It feels almost as good as my normal professional facial at Sothys!

The therapist who serviced me was Abby. She explained the products that were used on me as she went to the procedure.

Ozone "Antiseptic" Contraption:
After the extraction process, the BA used an "antiseptic" contraption, which had an "ozone gas" smell. I recognise that smell as I have an Ionizer at home which is used for ionizing food and it has the same kind of smell. When I asked the BA, she said that the contraption has been used for ages, as it looked like something from the 1980s? Heh.

When I spoke to a client who was in the food ionizing business, I was informed that the technology had been around for the longest time. However, the difference was in the output of the ozone gas given, and many industries used it for sterilization purposes.

Asterspring (formerly known as Leonard Drake in Malaysia) is the second professional salon I have tried after Sothys.

For a limited time, Asterspring (and all Leonard Drake outlets) are having an in-store RM260 promotion,where you can opt for either:
1) 2 facials (RM260 +RM200 facial service voucher), OR
2) one RM260 facial + RM200 product.
The service vouchers are technically valid for about one month. You'll need to contact the respective outlets to verify the details of the promotion.

Having too many skincare products at home, I opted for the facials, of course.

So there, was my R&R day at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Now, got to go back to work!

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