6 Mar 2010

RMK Spring Special for MSN Readers: Report

Ok, so I made my RMK makeover appointment at 6pm last night when my mom & dad went shopping to Robinsons. But then this morning, I called the counter in mid afternoon changing it to 2pm.

I brought the RMK Spring Special (from MSN) printout, Lilian the Make-Up Artist, was occupied with another client, so I had to wait a while. Anyways, I was early.

Girls doing their makeovers. ^^

Me posing (before makeover)

After cleansing face.

How do I look now?

The Gardens was a bit quiet at that hour. Lilian gave me some samples (make-up base and foundation) after my makeover. She also asked me to fill in a form with my details. Anyways, thanks Lilian for the makeover!
How do I look? Kawaii kan? ^^

Posing with uni mate, Seng Yee.

This is what you call nothing else better to do. ^^


Jean said...

was there today, but totally forgot to bring the print out!!>.< wat a waste..sob...

Miu said...


Zoe said...

i think so~ look good!
nice~ like it^^