29 Apr 2010

Marks & Spencers: Returning my pair of "bugged" jeans.

Latest Update!
I met up with an old friend of mine, Madeline's at her home recently, and we had a nice chat.

Somehow the conversation turned to Madeline's husband who used to study in United Kingdom, and his experience with Marks & Spencers. According to him, the range of clothing available in Marks & Spencers (during the early 2000s) was targeted to the older folks.

The 35 day return policy was implemented in those days, and customers could return items bought during the 35 day period. Without questions asked. He had once bought attire in winter, and returned it to the store, and the staff would not question him!

Of course, my experience with the Marks & Spencers in Gardens was less than satisfactory. So Marks & Spencers, if your policy states 35 days Return Policy, please tell your staff that IT IS 35 Day Return Policy. Without Questions Asked.

26th April:
It's been a quiet week... Yes, I've been reading a number of reviews on Burts Bees and some other yummy workshops (Body Shop), Benefit, etc.

Have been just busy preparing for my sojourn Down Under. (If you didn't know already), buying my airline tickets from AirAsia (30kgs), Qantas airlines (Perth to Sydney), and received my YHA two-year membership card in the mail today. Cool. Cool.

Travellers get up to more than 10% discount for showing their YHA card at many shops in Australia, okay? And since currently I am not employed (i.e. earning Aussie dollars), every penny saved is a penny earned.

Yesterday, Bell & I spent the whole afternoon at Gardens. Ended up at Marks & Spencers. Chose two pair of pants. For the price I paid, I would have expected the quality of the pants to be better. The pair of pants "did" look nice- that is until I went home and tried it out.

I wore the pair of denim pants, and followed my parents out to IOI Mall. Before I knew, my legs started to itch. It was so bad that I started to stratch. For a pair of denim jeans, (RM99) supposedly on SALE. (or Irresistable Offer, as Marks & Spencers put it) I would have expected better.

I got so really annoyed that the moment I reached home, I took out the pair of pants. Lo & behold, there I beheld three to four different spots of inflamed spots where it was scratching. Folded it really  nicely, and put it back into the green Marks & Spencers plastic bag.  The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got.

My skin is not sensitive- unless to certain irritants like grass or something similar. But to have a store like Marks & Spencers selling such material? Even the pair of cheap pants (RM90 discounted down to RM30!) I bought from Jusco has yet to cause my skin to itch with such madness before!!

By the time I arrived at Gardens today, it was past six pm, so parking was easy.The assistant who received my case just asked me why did I want to return the pants, so I explained my case.

What did the staff do? They just re-tagged the pair of pants- and I assumed they'd probably just put it back on the shelf??


Did I not mention that I had rashes after trying out the pants for one evening? Did I not say that they should have the pair of denim pants checked?

Anyways, Marks & Spencers has a 35 Day Return Policy. Of which, I decided to just go ahead and return both the pants (since the blue denim jeans left a bad impression, I decided it was better to just return both!) and use the RM200+ instead to spend elsewhere where I might get a pair of jeans which won't cause my feet to break out.

In case you are wondering, the pair of pants were manufactured both in Sri Langka & Bangladesh.

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