28 Apr 2010

My next 2-week schedule.

Please take note that this schedule will constantly be updated.


(26/4) Monday-
Evening- Headed over to Gardens return product item at Marks & Spencers.(done)
Verdict: The Manager did not seem too happy. I'm not going to pay RM200+ for some pair of overpriced pants made in Bangladesh & Sri Lanka - and my skin reacts to it!

(27/4) Tuesday-
Evening- Stayed home to blog.

(28/4) Wednesday-
- S2 Slimming Meet & Greet (Kuchai Lama), FREE Buffet 5.30 pm onwards. Who's up for it?
- Madeline + Jess (after Dinner).

(29/4) Thursday-
Evening- Currently vacant

(30/4) Friday-
Morning: Most likely HOMEDEC KLCC

Evening: Prayer Meeting (Supposedly)

(1/5) Saturday-
Morning- Most likely head to Sungai Wang to check out the phones, & USB Modems. (do i actually need those?) Hmmm.

Afternoon- currently vacant

Evening- meet with cousin Elaine for dinner?

(2/5) Sunday-
Morning- Church

Afternoon-Maybe Critterland? (Free entrance for me anyways).

Evening- currently vacant


(3/5) Monday-
Morning: appointment liao.

Afternoon- currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(4/5) Tuesday-
Morning: appointment liao

Afternoon: currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(5/5) Wednesday-
Morning: appointment liao.

Afternoon: currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(6/5) Thursday-
Morning: currently vacant

Afternoon- Night: Will be preparing to take off

(7/5) Friday-

Morning- Will have arrived in Perth liao!!!

Things to prepare:
- Name cards. rationing space for my luggage belongings.

Things to do:
- Go for facial with me mother NEXT week @ Slimming Sanctuary!! Facial worth RM200! (Almost Free!!) 
- Check that all my necessary attachments for visa application is already in soft copy (if have not done so yet).
-  Stuff my luggage bag with all my food goodies so I won't feel homesick during winter.
- Make sure have enough blogger name cards (expensive in Australia).

Things done:
- Tickets to Perth (done), Sydney (done)
- Accomodations- Perth (done), Sydney (done)
- Extra Luggage Pre-purchase (NOT YET)

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