23 Apr 2010

Off to Perth, I go!

Ok, so I (finally!) bought my airline tickets to Perth!!

After trying to decide which state in Australia to go to, I decided to make my maiden (stop over ) in Perth first.

Will be spending a few days to see the sights and scenes (and hopefully catching the eye of some cute guy! ^^)
before heading back to Sydney.

For the time being, I've made arrangements to stay with Jo, my korean friend, and her korean landlady. LOL.

Hmm.. so my korean language skills will does come to some use after all. LOL. Nevermind if it's only elementary level...

I met this korean fella when I was walking near Sentral Staiton today. He didn't speak in korean, but I could tell he was from his heavily
accented English.. unfortunately, even trying to tell directions in Korean is still quite difficult for my level.

I can manage in Cantonese though. Pity. >.<

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