14 Apr 2010

S2 Slimming: My First Trial experience. (Part 1)

As most of my readers would know, I am a "salon" frequenter..

I totally love spas, slimming centres and facials.. I can  never resist one if offered. ^^

Yesterday, I was on my way home when I drove past an S2 Slimming outlet at Kuchai Lama. It seems that a new branch had opened about three weeks ago. I've always wanted to check out their outlet, but as their outlets were always far away (like Puchong, Cheras, Lot 10, Kota Damansara, etc) which was too far away for my liking, I decided not to check them out.

Until today, that is.

Being the nosey parker, I decided to check out their FaceBook page, found their contact details, contacted them and decided to drive to their outlet today to check out their branch.

The S2 Slimming outlet was housed in a 3 storey office lot with lots of food stores nearby (Pappa Rich on one right corner, and a Shabu outlet on the other left end).  The ground floor was the reception area, with the second floor being the treatment areas and the highest floor being the training area.  The reception and walls were painted in solid ocean blue green, the corporate colour for S2 Slimming.

When I entered the outlet, there was a picture of a lopsided head of Amber Chia with a slim and sexy body modelling for S2 Slimming flyers. Not really a fan of Amber Chia, so neither her face nor body excited me much, but the therapists told me she was very tall, and had very long fingers.... *hmmm*

Anyways, their first trial promotion for RM50 consists of:
- 1 x Point Navel Care Therapy/ DMS.
- 1 x Navel Mask (which was technically something smoking they put on your navel)
- 1 x Detox Wrap
- 1 x Heat Blanket/ Presso Therapy.

Actually, I had received a call from their headquarters for a free trial treatment a couple of months ago (in December last year), but with all things being fair, I don't really enjoy free trials. It may be a gimmick for some, but paying for treatments rendered allows me to enjoy my first trial experience, without the feeling of  obligation to either therapist, or company at the end of session to sign up for any packages that may be proposed.


Looking through the list of treatments, they all looked familiar from my previous experience with many slimming salons (*ahem*), except for the Navel Mask which was something I had yet to try. Technically, the process is about the same, whether the treatments were rendered via machine, or human touch.

As it was a new outlet, consultants were yet to be assigned to the centre for a while. I asked the Customer Office officer to explain more on the treatments, but she informed me that the Outlet Manager had to attend an emergency meeting elsewhere, and asked if I could wait.

Since it was already almost evening, and I did not feel like spending any more time, I indicated to her that I wanted to start the first trial..

(To Be Continued: Part II....)

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