6 Dec 2011

Malaysia: Being a smart traveller with local culture

I have to say, the new Opera Mini and my Nokia e63 are having disagreements.

Bad Mini Opera!

Anyways, this time around on my trip back, I don't tell people I just came back from overseas. People in service industry seem to think that people like us are good targets with lots of dough.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

I just keep my mouth shut, and zipped and pretend to know nothing. Then whinge about how expensive the services are. And please never say things like "this only happens in  Kuala Lumpur' except in a language that service people cannot recognise.

Even speaking Korean is not safe.. Sigh.

I have to lie that I am studying korean language in Sungai Wang. People here seem to only think about money. Money. Money.


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