19 Dec 2011

Journal: A Good Looking Younger Chap.

I miss Jo, my korean friend who is in Sydney. She's flying off to Korea with her hubby (or might have already flown there now). She was my housemate and my closest confidante. But we all have to move on in our lives.

During the fair, I met this young Chinese chap, Vincent. He's very very very good looking. He's also the same age as Courtney Middleton (which is a clue to me only to what his age is). :-)


He would make the perfect brother. Caring. Loves to tease. Articulate. Ambitious. Idealistic.
He's got a Probationary Driving License though.

Hahaha. He speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, and English well.
When he went to fill the cup with water from the Cameron water cooler, he accidentally overfilled it. He just drank from the same cup and then passed it to me. Without batting an eyelid.

Eh? When I asked him about it, he didn't seem to get it, so I just took it from him and drank from it. Then he went and filled it up with water again. LOL.

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