6 Dec 2011

Malaysia: Dental Prices Are Exorbitant

Today I went to see the dentist in Mega Mandung, Old Klang Road.

He is not my usual dentist office Doktor Kumar, so it's my first time having treatment in this place.

Anyways, I had a check up and scaling service rendered which came up to Rm30+ Rm120.
It turns out I would need to have five fillings done on my teeth!

Each filling costs average about Rm100? I don't think I can afford that in Malaysian currency. It just costs way too much. I'm going to have to shop around to look for a better quotation.

I finally bit the bullet and drove my mother's car. We drove all the way to Mid Valley...

And its the third day back since I came back from Australia... Hooray!

No more road fright!!

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