15 Dec 2011

Online Trend in KL

In Australia, a lot of end consumers are turning to online shipping, what with the cost of products in high end malls that most of us can't justify the prices.

The trend in KL I've observed since my touchdown are the many group vouchers that seem to be following along the same line of thought.

Last night I bought a number of items. Including a Nokia e63 battery pack, a pair of pinhole glasses, some food vouchers from Gloria Jeans, tassel earrings.

Quite inexpensive I must say. But I'd advise to pay via Paypal for their 'supposed' guarantee for product delivery and product description.

Yesterday I met up with Tammy Lim (plusizekitten.com) to pass her some goodies. As she is a fan of LUSH, I brought back for her a bath related item. Plus some other magazines, one which was the Australian version of the Woman's Weekly, and the other, Bazaar.

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