4 Jan 2012

The Lust for Instant Gratification

So I'm finally back to typing on the computer. It does seem a bit archaic after having used my mobile phone to write my blog entries. Anyways, I was just thinking today how the mobile phone has changed the way we live our lives.

It allows: 
1) More independence & multi tasking:
 I am able to separate to walk on my own to look for things I need at the bookshop when I am out with others. When the mobile phone was not made available, I had to agree to meet a mate at a certain time and arrive by that time. We would also know the number of our mate's home numbers, and we will call up the home to ask what time our friend had left their homes to make an estimate of their time of arrival.

(Actually, I still do that when I am out with my parents, and I had accidentally left the phone at home. Hmmm)

2) Receiving the latest market news instantly. 
Granted, the mobile phone is useful for business, and capturing market share. But it is not useful for budding friendships and relationships with the those of the opposite gender.

There is this friend of mine, Jason, who constantly scanned his Samsung handheld for my Facebook updates. He's about 14 months younger than I am (he's not that young!), and told me that one night when we were out.

It was meant to be a compliment to me (he did not think much about it), but then I realised much later the implications of it. It basically meant he read so much of my Facebook updates that he did not have to call me to find out what I was doing.....

Jason also constantly texted me ... sigh, why do guys always like to text? I guess that men hate talking?

After having a think of how mobile internet is affecting the way we do things, I have decided to put some changes into the way I live my life.

1) Delaying my mobile phone push email sync.
It just means that I have access to my emails the moment I receive it. I never realised it, but I realised that that is not a good thing... Sure it is good for all business matters.

However in my private time, I do not like the idea of being connected 24/7. Hence I changed the settings of receiving my mails to four hours later on my mobile phone. That is a lot considering that it used to be ASAP. *LOL*

2) The Instant Instant Connection. But Really? 

Recently, I realised how the use of Internet Messaging, Facebooking, Twittering, and even Text Messaging (SMS) has changed the way we perceive and use the mobile phone.

Did you know that accessing IM on your mobile phone causes the handset to run out of battery more quickly?

I am also limiting the use of IM to the times when I know I have access to a computer, or I would have loads of spare time to be not distracted from "real time connection" from those who are physically with me. Don't tell me that you are not guilty of doing that, isn't it?

I am limiting my Text Messaging to relaying information, and to confirm certain information, but having text messaging conversations?

Seriously, where does that even lead to anyways? If you really wanted to have a "real" conversation with someone, I say pick up the phone and call that mate of yours then you can have a "real 3 dimension" verbal conversation with them. 

Weaning my Internet Connection: 

Anyways, to wean me off my internet and mobile phone connection, I have tentatively decided that I may turn off my mobile phone when I am out at night, or something of that sort. I say may.. you know how these things turn out.. LOL.

Okay readers, ciao. I have some me time for myself now. Going to hand make some precious Chinese New Year gifts for some of my mates..

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