22 Apr 2012

Day 6 of Illness: Viral Fever (and Flu?)

Its Day 6 today. Not sure whether its just a viral fever or a flu, but I have had to cancel three over appointments this weekend, and one on Tuesday. Just in case I'm not well by then.
So it started on a Tuesday.

Well, actually it could have started last Wednesday, where three of us got caught in the rain for an hour when we went hiking up Bukit Gasing. We went back and took a warm shower.

When I met Asta on Saturday, she had already a runny nose.

On Sunday, I met with Syed, he had a cough.

On Monday, I met with Jason who had a fever. His fever started on Sunday though. He said his fever broke yesterday (on his Day 7). Did I get it from him too?

I went to do a blood test on Friday at the Taman Desa clinic (my Day 4). The results came back negative, being a viral fever, I was informed.

ZaYin, one of the three who went hiking has been infection free. I would attest it to the fact that she takes cod liver oil and Royal Jelly supplements religiously? Perhaps this has built up her immune system, I reckon.

ZaYin also does not like to share food.... Good move, maybe thats why she is not sick. LOL.

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