5 Jun 2012

Day 1: Singapore 2012

So I arrived safely in Singapore on a Friday. There was a bit of kerfuffle in regards to the tickets of my trip down here, and not something I want to discuss about.

Jason stepped up to save the situation, so all was good.

Aeroline: They served a standard kosher Subway for breakfast, a serve of hot drinks of your choice, and a bottle of water. There was also a selection of movies passengers could choose to watch for their viewing pleasure.

I watched 'Laughing Gor again' (Michael Tse), and the old movie, 'Catch Me if You Can'.

Arrived at Harbourfront via Aeroline Bus around 2pm.

The exchange rate today at Harbourfront was 1.21SGD to 1AUD. I changed about AUD145 = SGD175.81.

@Sanrio: First shop I stepped into was Sanrio. Spent about 40SGD on notepads, letter and stationery set. There was 20% off on all items, so I was in luck!

@Max Brenner Chocolate: Tried their hot chocolate for 8SGD (including tax). Considering the price, it seemed rather watered down compared to my Malaysian Starbucks Hot Chocolate I had last Friday night.

It could be a bit thicker, and very different from its sydney counterpart. Good try, but I don't think it was worth its price.

@Singapore Tourist Pass: 30SGD (10SGD refundable) for unlimited usage for three days (until Sunday) on all Buses, MRT & LRT.

For dinner, we went to this 'Kopitiam' franchise cafeteria. They utilise a 'prepay' card to use for purchasing food across all outlets within Singapore.

Shuh Yong took me to her place to stay, and we dropped our stuff before heading out again.
We went out on the bus, but I was totally zonked out so we turned in early.

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