6 Jun 2012

Day 2, 2nd June: Singapore

This morning I had a sleep in. Was really tired out from my early wake on Friday to catch the Aeroline bus.

Chinese & Japanese Gardens:
Had a lovely walk in the chinese garden. It is expansive, quiet and serene here. Very cooling and romantic. There are lights here, so I'm assuming those were for night walks.

I even met a caucasian couple from Melbourne. I could recognize from their accent. It was an interesting chat as they have a son married to a singaporean chinese lady, and we had extensive discussions about visas, citizenship, and culture.

My mate from USQ, Bryan met up with for the afternoon. We bought a can drink from a convenience store near the Chinese Gardens MRT. Turns out that A&W restaurants closed down in Singapore due to lack of patronage.

Jcube@ Jurong East:
For afternoon tea, we took a train back to Jurong East. We took a walk around Jcube and finally decided on Watami, a casual Japanese Restaurant. The food seemed affordable for the range it offered. We had Watami Egg Salad and a rice hot stone dish, 2 different types of desserts, including Matcha Tiramisu and fountain green tea. YUM. The meal came up to about 30 SGD. I am in love with their Matcha Tiramisu....

Bryan walked me back to the flats as I needed to get back in time to get ready to go out again.

Sushi Tei@ Raffles City.
For dinner, my ex house mate, Shuh Yong brought me to Sushi Tei, at City Hall. I ordered a Sukiyaki with Udon, and Shuh Yong ordered a tempura Ten Don. For dessert, I ordered peach ice cream, whilst she ordered matcha ice-cream. The meal came up to about 60SGD. Thanks for dinner, Shuh Yong!

After that, we took a trip around town on bus. One expensive lesson we took out of the trip, all the trains stop before 12am! Its either the Night Ride or taxis after that!

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