30 Jul 2012

Acuvue Dailies for Astigmatics.

Earlier this evening, I went to the Eye Street Optometrist at The Scotts Garden.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism had been advertising their free trial promotion for customers, and the address for this outlet was found on their local website, hence the reason for my visit there.

I was actually wearing a pair of coloured toric lenses, but my eyes were reddening, so the optometrist told me that the pair I was wearing was ill suited for my eyes, and informed me to discontinue wearing it to avoid an infection from taking place.

Coloured Toric Lens also weren't so suitable for patients with really dry eyes, as the coloured layer made it more difficult for eyes to breathe as well..... Zzz, oh well.

I was informed that patients with dry eye conditions are normally not suitable candidates for Lasik operation, as it will further make eyes drier. A side effect of patients who had undergone the Lasik operation is the dry eye condition, hence.

So, I had my eyes fitted for a free trial pair of acuvue lens for astigmatics.

For astigmatics, the degree of the vision of the eyes depends on the axis of the lens. As such, eye fittings are very important to determine accurate eye power vision.

After getting my eyes checked, I filled in a form. They then told me I could come and collect the trial lens once the manufacturers had sent in the stock.

We'll wait and see the outcome in the next few weeks to come.


ZhengNorahs said...

hi. you are back! i am wearing my toric lenses but not that comfortable. thought of changing. can i know which outlet for the trial pair of toric contact lense? thanks

CY said...

I went to the one in Scott's Garden, second floor. The optometrist are very friendly...the name of the shop is Eye Street Optometrist.