5 Jul 2012

Journal: Evolving & Letting Go: Moving On

Its now been 12 days since I made the decision to break up with the ex, Jason. I initiated No Contact proceedings on 3rd July once I had everything that was mine back and sent him a 'closure' email.

I made this decision as I realized and recognized that I needed a person who would be willing to make me a priority in his life.

'Evolving past the break up, letting the past go, and getting your life back is how to make yourself ready for love again.'

I don't say I regret having had this experience. Breaking up was difficult, but it has taught me more about myself and what I desire out of relationships.

It has taught me more about what I know and feel about my own personal boundaries and dynamics in relationships with people.

Sometimes it just isn't necessary to know the truth about people's intentions, but to just get on with your life. Wasting my brain energy on people who are not interested in being part of your life is indeed a waste of my precious time and life.

Last, I learnt again to put myself as priority, and nurture myself. If I can't learn to love myself, who will?

The most important thing remaining is: have the courage to pick yourself up, let go, and do what is best for your self. That is the best gift you can give yourself.

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