24 Aug 2012

Being single for a woman is not such a bad thing.

Today I had a chat with my body therapist. and someone else.

Sometimes its not just a matter of a woman wanting to get married. There is nothing wrong being single these days. But the problem is when a woman ignores what she (really) wants and marry a man where she feels (at that point of time) that no one else will marry her if she did not marry there and then.

These people I spoke to have been married for over twenty years at least and have pearls of wisdom that we could learn from.

Let me repeat what the body therapist said.

She tells me that there is nothing wrong with staying single. However there is something terribly wrong being married to the wrong person who is not right for you when you totally ignore what you really want. You can only ignore so much what you truly want a man to do for you for a couple of years, but there will come a time when all that frustration will come out.

My mate has not shared with me what her issues is (if there are even any issues). But having not consummated her marriage for the last one year leads us to wonder if the husband is finding his needs met elsewhere? She is an extremely enterprising person who has chosen to marry someone less enterprising.  Which leads us to wonder about the the real core issue.

Nevertheless, she hasn't other alternative but to work out what she really wants from her life as the bridges behind her as already been burnt.  

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