14 Feb 2013

Brooks Marathon Preparation: Post CNY

February 12th 2013:
So its been about 4 days since my Mileage Building Day. I haven't had any runs since as my calves have been healing, and still is. I guess the massage on Friday was of good timing?

Probably just means I need a good number of recovery days after my next Mileage Building Day =_=

Hence, I ve had to make some changes to the walking route in reducing the number of inclines to reduce further injury ...to my calves. Mine's a walking marathon, not an incline competition!
I've basically been 'carbo loading' for the last four days. Wine, soda, CNY bikkies. Yum Yum. >_<

My only source of easy cardio has been doing house chores and giving the dog two baths in the last four days.. LOL.

Yesterday, Vicky found some engine oil in this small hiding hole (which was very accessible to nosy animals like dogs....) and decided to leave paw marks drenched with oil all over the house outdoor pavement. then we had to wash the floor, and then give the mungy looking perpetrator a thorough washing. He obviously didnt like it, going thoroughly beserk....

Anyways, lets see how my calves have recovered by this evening. Probably should be able to do a short slow walk when its a bit cooler later in the evening today...

So the inertia ends.
After dinner, did walking up the stairs for 10:51mins.
Weight lifting- 10:37 mins.
Gintell treadmill- 60 mins, 4.01km, loss of 120calories, speed average: 5.
Endomono gives an average calorie loss but without a heart rate monitor, it isn't accurate so I didn't include it. Good to be back on my feet!!

February 13th 2013:
Just put in order for my new Timex Run Trainer with GPS & Heart Rate Monitor. Waiting impatiently for it to arrive from the US of A...

Completed in the early hours of the morning:
Weight Training 15mins: 10 seconds.
Climbing Stairs: 20m: 18 seconds

So I realised I tend to get tired after a workout. (or maybe because it could be I did mine straight before bed last night?) Anyways, 5 hours later, I am somewhat still tired/sleepy.

Perhaps I should schedule my workouts to after dinner instead. That way, I can have a nice dinner, have an interval of an hour or so, have a good workout, then have a hearty sleep for the rest of the night....

*sounds like a good idea... I shall have to put it to try...*

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