1 Apr 2013

Photoblog: Chinese New Year 2013

These pictures are kind of late, but I thought I'd still share them as they look really gorgeous.

Pictures taken by: Agnes Yong (my cousin).
Pictures had to copyrighted in the case should anyone else steals them but rightfully they belong to her.
Camera: Nikon DSLR (dont know which model..)

Setting: 2nd Day of CNY 2013. Yes, our breakfast is this lavish at my Tai Bak's home for this festive time!

WARNING: You Will Salivate. Please get a tissue and wipe that saliva off your mouth >_<

Me in red on the 2nd day of CNY 2013
Hainanese chicken style. YUM
Scallops.. YUM

Yummy looking scallops scooped out ...

Steamed fish. YUM
Breakfast on second day of CNY 2013
What a handsome pet dog!
My family. 
My uncle's family. Make a guess of who the other people are! ^^

You watering yet? I am. . . .  ^^

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Joseph Kishore said...

lol.. good to c ur family photo.&. in red dress.. u look good with goggles