16 Jul 2013

Nutrisearch: Top 18 Supplements in Australia and New Zealand.

These days, it is essential to be taking supplements. This is more important as one ages...

With the lack of an exercise regime, and foods which are lacking in nutritional value whether either through impure farming process, through use of chemicals, or the manufacturing process, we need to look for supplements that is able to complement our diets with enough nutrition for our daily needs.

In the past three years, I have tried Blackmores, Amway, Elken, and finally Usana in the past one month.

Blackmores is extremely popular in Australia, being an Australia brand, and I used to take it, as it was available at most chemists and supermarkets.

Amway, and USANA are if I am not wrong, American brands, and Elken is a homegrown Malaysian brands. These three brands are distributed under a Multi-Level Marketing companies, and can be quite costly if not bought under promotions.

Below is a list of 18 supplements that have won 4.5 to 5 stars in a search done by Nutrisearch. You can download their brochure from the link below.

Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to: Nutritional Supplements Consumer Edition- A Compendium of over 200 products available in Australia and New Zealand: (MacWilliam, L) 2009.

Single Products Earning 4 or More Stars:
5 Stars:
  • Usana Health Sciences Essentials- 5 stars
4.5 Stars:
  • Thorne Basic Nutrients I - 4.5 stars
  • Thorne Basic Nutrients III - 4.5 stars
  • Thorne Basic Nutrients V - 4.5 stars
  • Xtend - Life Total Balance Men's Premium - 4.5 stars
  • Xtend - Life Total Balance Unisex Premium - 4.5 stars
  • Xtend - Life Total Balance Women's- 4.5 stars
  • Xtend - Life Total Balance Women's Premium - 4.5 stars
4 Stars: 
  • GNC Ultra Mega Gold - 4 stars
  • Nature's Way Alive - 4 stars
  • Thorne Basic Nutrients II - 4 stars
  • Thorne Basic Nutrients IV - 4 stars
  • Xtend- Life Total Balance Men's- 4 stars
  • Xtend- Life Total Balance Unisex - 4 stars
Top Products- Combination:Earning 4 or More Stars:
5 Stars:
  • Usana Health Sciences Health Pak - 5 stars
4 Stars:
  • Fitness Labs Vitamin Pack with Omega-3s - 4 stars
  • Pharmanex/Nu Skin Life Pak - 4 stars
  • Pharmanex/Nu Skin Life Pak Prime- 4 stars

My feedback:
I am just surprised that brands like Blackmores, that I normally buy from the pharmacies only scrapped on to 2 stars list. Amway only managed to make it 3 stars, and the brand isn't even cheap either!

As for Elken, I don't see them on the list. Is it because it is not an American brand or Australian brand?

Instead we have Multi Level Marketing brands like Usana, and Nu Skin that made it to 5 and 4.5 stars.

No doubt they maybe costly, but.... it works, I guess? LOL.

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