29 Oct 2015

Day Ten back in Sydney

So I finally made a trip to Lentils today.  

Trying Dai's first soy coffee handiwork.
 So, I really wasn't sure if I wanted to...  But after speaking to two different people from Lentils, I thought why not. 

I didn't do much today. Just chilled and read a book, Flying Solo, which I borrowed from the Campsie library. And met up with Makokkaii for lunch at Lentils. 

Lentils is like her second home, it seems. Lol. 

I asked Dai to make me a coffee, and he did. He must have worked on his coffee skills whilst I was away. OK, I hate to admit it,  but I miss Dai. There, I said it. I miss Dai a lot. :-)

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