1 Nov 2009

Sothys: Mini-Review of Luzerno Professional Concept.


The menu of treatments..

Today after my language classes, I decided to head over to Pavillion.

Early this week, I had gone for a facial at a Sothys-Partner salon near my home. The salon was having their anniversary promotion for October, so I thought it would be a good idea to try out their Sothys range of facial treatments. I noted that the salon also retailed other skincare range, namely Sensoieur, and Celmonze.

Before the facial treatment started, the salon provided a complimentary foot jacuzzi and relaxing pre-treatment massage service. After which, my face was cleansed and the aesthetician analysed my face type.  She noted that I possessed dehydrated and combination skin type. The aesthetician seemed experienced and informed.

The aesthetician recommended a facial which did not fall under the Sothys range. It was an "Oxygenating Facial" which uses a machine to spray oxygen ampoules to my face. I was told it would provide a "kick-start" to the cells in my face. I had the initial thought of trying out from the range of Sothys Institute Treatment, as it would have cost about the same anyways.

The price of the facial after 50% discount? RM140. There was no eye or neck treatment provided.

When my facial procedure ended, I came out of the treatment room. The aesthetician was waiting in the hall. A Sothys product laid lying on the table.
She was quite open about the salon's promotions, and did ask if I would be interested to sign up for their package of 6+1 facial (with complimentary eye + neck treatment) packages, which incidentally had a 20% discount for the month of October. In all, she was not pushy, and yet....

One of the other bloggers, Tammy a hard-core Clarins supporter, suggested that it would be preferable to do a Sothys facial at their own salons. If I were to to spend my hard-earned money, I should the least try out the environment of their bonafide salons...

Origin Kit- RM150 @ 128 Faubourg salons ONLY

So yes, I have decided to take her word and try out the service at the 128 Faubourg salons.

When I went to Pavilion, the therapists remembered who I was! One was Celine, and the other who saw me at the Bangsar road-show. I queried further about their promotions and then bought their Origin Kit today (RM150) and have made an appointment next weekend to redeem the FREE Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment (worth RM90) voucher! So yes, I'm already a SOP member!

Celine informed me that the redemption of the eye treatment voucher would not cause any injury to my ability to go for their first trial facial promotions. Which came as a news of relief!

It was an important query, as some salons like Asterspring does not allow customers to buy facials at promotional rates once they have redeemed the free mini-micro facial, or their RM68 facials, as that was considered as the first time visit. I had mine done in Sunway with a really pushy beautician, and did not have a memorable experience!

Accordingly, I was further informed by Celine that the Institute Treatment requires the Digi-Esthetique massage, which is a Sothys patented massage.

If I did the first trial Institute Treatment facial at the 128 Faubourg salon (for RM280), Celine informed me that I would be entitled to a two-piece FREE Starter Kit worth RM98! That's a pretty fair deal considering the premium price range of most Sothys products...

Woah... can't wait to try out the eye treatment next weekend!


abby said...


Just found your blog! You seem very interested in Sothys. Glad the SA wasn't pushy and you can still go for a first timer trial at the institute! Big plus for them.

New blogger here and new to the world of promos and treatments. Good to get info like this! I like it!

Thanks! Do drop by when you have the time!

CheaKyGal said...

Harlo.. ya, i read your blog yesterday when i was searching for clarins..

seems that out of all the places, only clarins, sothys and asterspring are fairly commendable in their service.

however with dermalogica, one of my older friends said that because their range does not improve, she discontinued with it.

Clarins is continually coming up with new products. and Sothys? I think they came out with new collagen products recently..