19 Nov 2009

Japan: Kusida Shrine & Tenjin Chikagai

Continuing the entry on Japan, we go on our tour around Fukuoka City tour with Haruna. We continue on our journey, this time to Kusida Shrine, which lies in the heart of old Hakata, the centre of the old city.

Haruna's friend, Emey, who speaks pretty conversational English, joined us on our Sunday outing..

We head to the shrine on subway.

Haruna's friend.

In the subway cabin...

Kusida Shrine

Waiting in line.

Tying  your paper fortunes at a Buddhist temple..

For the fun of it! ^^

Admiring the view... 

As we leave...

Next we headed to a number of shopping areas in Tenjin Chikagai (Tenjin Underground City).

For lunch, we head to a Ramyen restaurant, where we make our pre-pay order at the machine. It then issues us a receipt chit, which we hand over to the server. This chit is passed to the chef, who then proceeds to prepare our order.

How much was my order? 800 Yen for one bowl of ramyen.. (about RM32..) quite pricey, I must say!!

We make our pre-pay food order here..

After lunch, we did some retail window shopping...

Winter-Wear Japan 2008/2009. ^^

More pictures later....!! ^^

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