20 Nov 2009

Its 4 days countdown to the Big Day!

It's 12  4 days countdown to the big day.

So far, my plans for a Sunday pre-celebration may come to pass is changing to some what-a-mig-jag I Have No Idea What It Will Be.

As I really wanted to try out their services, I've booked myself in to a 3.30pm, 128 Faubourg Pavillion..first time ever facial in a proper, premium salon.... wondering how much it costs. *LOL*  however I have to cancel the salon appointment as I am just recovering from a flu. *SIGH*

Maybe I should change it to match the schedule I had made in the earlier entry, lol.   Just going to meet up with an old friend on Sunday afternoon itself....

Now, what about the big day itself?
Well, I've something up that evening already.. just a small intimate session with a few mates after work...

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Jean said...

Wish you have a great day on that day and Happy Birthday!!