25 Mar 2013

Samsung: Slim Portable DVD Writer (SE- 208DB)

On Saturday evening, whilst my date and I were having Moo Moo milk yoghurt over dessert, we somehow managed to hold a conversation about mobile touch phones and personal computers. This led us to eventually checking out this PC accessories shop in Mid Valley.

My one year ACER laptop (it's ACER, which explains it!) has its dvd player breaking down after a year .. (basically didn't do anything about it for one year.. >_<). So we decided to check out external laptop DVD player/writers. I thought it was high time I did something about it...

We found one at Hewlett Packard going for RM150. Another one was the Samsung DVD Writer which was selling at RM119. I thought it was better there and then to get it, than trying to get it cheaply at Low Yat Plaza (which is a place in Sungai Wang that retails computer accessories for the cheap), as going there would just take up more time, parking as well as petrol.Which would eventually come up to about the same price anyways!

Oh, and it comes with a one year warranty, so the Sales Assistant told me to keep the receipt carefully. 

Everything still in the box. 
Slim and Light. After unboxing it. 
Just plug and play. It will self install. ^^
The other good thing about this DVD Writer is that it connects to the TV, as well as Android Tablets! That is so cool... imagine watching a movie from your Android Tablet! (or burning stuff into it!).

So now I can start playing my Sims2 games and all other related Sims games as well.. Woo hoo!

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