23 Mar 2013

Shu Uemura: Plus Size Kitten Princess Party OB Launch Party

To start off this revamped blog with a bang, I have decided to blog about Plus Size Kitten's Shu Uemura's Princess Party recently. This event took place one bright Thursday morning this week at Shu Uemura. One Utama. 

OB for Shu Uemura
Princess Alicia Mak.. ^^ 
Bare faced CY

Door gifts
Guest book.. 
Finger pie food
Macarons-- fattening!

Make up demo with new launched range of colours

The Sakura Princess
Me being a model.. >_<

Trying out make up
Canvas of the attendee's creations. 
My creation...
Goodie bag-- 24k gold plated eye lash curler.
Pretty maids all in a row. ^^

Birthday girl (Tammy Lim)  with her cake and pressie. ^^

For the rest of the other girls, I can't tag you as yet... as I dont have your blog links.. >_<
Please leave me your url in the comment box, I will tag you in the entry, thanks. ^^


illy ariffin said...

Nice meeting you babe :)

CY said...

Hei, hei, same here too!!
You look like a friend of mine, Larissa.. i should show you her pictures on FB one of these days.. ^^