4 Feb 2010

Cuisine: Deliciously Luxurious Soap Bars

Calling all Malaysian soap lovers (and those based everywhere else!),

Introducing CUISINE, a new brand of handmade soaps. Soaps made from safe ingredients, they look good enough to eat (you weren't actually going to eat it, were you?)

They are currently found at Body Bar counters located at Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion & Tropicana City Mall. The soaps comes in 3 categories, the Michelin 3stars, 4stars and 5stars.

Their current promotion include FREE DELIVERY with every spend of RM120 and above. That's not it! Get a free soap of your choice from any Michelin category!

With prices starting from RM19.90, pick your favourites and enjoy!

1 comment:

Shilka said...

Looks good to eat haha :D Happy they also ship to SG. Those soaps look delightful =]