22 Feb 2010

This Time Three Years Later...

I wrote this three years ago. It was the time I had just completed my last bit of assignments, ruminating and wondering what my future would be like.

Things which have come true..
  • I have definitely not cooked ever since my return. That is for sure. 
  • I have no time to cook. 
  • I don't eat out much. Even nasi lemak-- well, fattening that I can only have that for breakkie.
Things which have not come to pass.. 
  • Mission trips with the CG group... I guess that didn't work out either. 
  • Even bible college is nowhere in plans. 
People have moved on with their lives... 
  • Zen will be getting married soon. Very soon indeed. 
  • Yuen Yee has moved overseas. 
  • The close males mates- Bell & Aaron-- well, barely keep in touch with them. 
  • Wendy, Maddie & Kath are already married, and some mothers.. 
Things I never expected ever!
  • Working in Sydney for 2008
  • Travelling to South Korea and Japan
  • Travelling to South Korea in cold winter of 2009/2010. 
At this juncture in time, I happened to reread this post. It reminds that the Lord has our needs in mind, and no matter how people around you try to rush it, remember that He is always in control, even when your parents are going beserk around you!!!

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