6 Jan 2010

Anyong from Gwangju!

Hi everyone. I am currently safe in Gwangju! Arrived here in Gwangju at 10am yesterday. I switched flights from Gimpo and bought a direct flight straight to Gwangju from Jeju as I didn't want to waste time going to Gimpo.

According to the news reports, Beijing and Seoul is quite snowed in. Britain is bracing itself for the worst snow fall ever. Yahoo says 40cm of snow is predicted.

Snow is good and beautiful. But bad for those who have to go to work - as it causes roads to be slippery, people to slip and fall when walking on the roads.

The snow here is beautiful...... it's just cold. Yesterday, I visited the Chonnam University where Matt studies at. I met some of his friends. The campus grounds are huge, and surprisingly, there are many students from the Philipines who came here to pursue studies in the Korean language.

For afternoon tea, we went to this "barbie like princess decorated" shop in one of the shops. It was decorated with teddy bears and-- well, lace and frills. A place that looks like only females will go to...

For dinner, we ordered "Korean styled fried chicken" in the shops near Chonnam University. 2 plates of chicken cost about 15,500won for about three persons. A bottle of sprite (Sai-Da) was about 1,000 won.

The temperature was fairly okay yesterday. But we didn't think it would be as cold as it was today. It was not exactly the best type of temperature to go outdoors with, but still we went to Sosaewon.

It is a  garden in the area of JeollaNam-Do. We had to take the cab, as the buses would not run due to the snowfall in the mountains and the icy roads. The fare was approximate around 25,000 won for the one way journey from Gwangju to Sosaewon. It was okay for three persons. We even walked around the Gwangju Ecological Park which was also in the same area.

I had two nice experiences here at the university. I managed to have first hand experience of having my meals  at the Chonnam University (and got to feel like a university student all over again!). The first time was yesterday for lunch, and today for dinner. It looks like a regular university cafeteria where you pay for your food by pre-paid coupons, or cash on entrance. The food was not too bad, for 2,500won per person.

Second, I got to have a look at their dormitories. Laundy was only 500 won to wash per load, and so is drying 500 won! Its much more expensive in Toowoomba, where I studied, which ran for about AUD2 per load whether to dry, or to wash. Much much cheaper here in South Korea than in Australia, eventhough the people do not earn as much. ^^

The weather is much colder though. I've been told to go to Jeonju rather than Daejeon.. problem is, there is not much information on the internet about Jeonju to make me want to go there... further, as I have accomodations already booked in for Daejeon, it makes travelling just that much easier.

Is three days enough for Seoul? I've alraedy spent quite a number of days in Gyeonggi-Do last year, as well as the first five days of my trip there.. so I guess my must-visit spot in Seoul would be Namsan Tower.. and also getting my skincare supplies. ^^

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