1 Jan 2010

New Year Indulgence Giveaway!

By the time this is published, I'd be away in the winter land of Korea touring.....anyways, to celebrate the New Year, I've decided to hold a Giveaway to Pavilion..

As most of my avid readers may have recalled, the management of Pavilion has been kind enough to provide me a set of beauty indulgence vouchers. However, as I currently have a facial package with a number of service providers, namely 128 Faubourg, and Bella Luna, it is almost impossible, if not bleeding my wallet dry to even think of heading to new service providers. So, I have found a creative way to make use of them...

*Dum Dum Dum*


All vouchers under Pavilion expire in 30 June 2010.

128 Faubourg- FREE Refirming Neck and Decollete Treatment worth RM70.

Asterspring- FREE RM100 service voucher redeemable against any facial services RM198 and above.

Slimming Sanctuary- FREE Activ 7 Sculptor Gel or Facial Kit. RM100 treatment voucher redeemable against any treatments above RM200 and above. 

Bizzy Body- FREE 1 Session of Facial Mask and 1 session of Skin Spa worth RM288.

Adonis Wellness - FREE Eye Treatment worth RM80

Mary Chia- FREE Detox Weight Programme or Pampering Facial (worth up to RM250)

Mayfair- FREE NL909 Ion Static Therapy (worth RM300)

New York Skin Solutions- FREE 1 Customised Facial Treatment 

These are the Terms & Conditions:
1) You have to be a follower of this blog

2) State which voucher you would like to try, and the reasons why you want it

3) State your email address. If your name is chosen, I will email you for your mailing details, or will just pass them to you by hand (when possible).

4) Each person may only win one voucher.

5) However, if you have a blog, and blog about this on your website, then you may have a second entry for a different service voucher. Please leave your links in the comment box.

6) The winners will be picked using a randomizer software.

7) Last Day of Entry: 16th January 2010 (23:59 hours).

I'll be back by 16th January 2010-- so start sending in your entries to win the vouchers!


mizSVinz said...

i would like to try the Mary Chia voucher, as i am interested in the Detox Weight Programme


Short thoughts said...

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Alyette said...

Hey, thanks for your generosity :) If you'd be kind enough to pick me, can I have the adonis voucher? I'm planning to try out their new platinum facial and thought it'd be a great idea to use the eye treatment voucher at the same time. My email is alyette.t@gmail.com. Happy new year!

Nania Collection said...

Good luck on d give away. It was kind of u to given it out.

Jean said...

I'm having a giveaway too!!!
check it out when u free, expiry day is end of the month!^^

Stylish one said...

i would like the FREE NL909 Ion Static Therapy (worth RM300) because this therapy focuses more on internal healing, where charges from the energy health instrument flow through the entire body. It produces high frequency vibrating waves to help pump up your metabolism, hence resulting in higher fat-burning efficiency, increased blood circulation and improved toxin outflow.

email ad:jscheong21@hotmail.com

TS said...

hi, I would like to get the 128 Fauborg voucher for my friend.her birthday is next month and she'll be going there for her birthday facial treatment :). my email- xiu1999@yahoo.com. thank you..