12 Jan 2010

South Korea: My Travel Winter Skin Regime.

Hi readers. I know I have been away for a while.

The weather here is ghastly drying on the skin. The temperature ranges from between -22degrees celcius to the warmest being 5 degrees celcius. When it is -22 degrees, it is almost impossible to be out walking on the streets.

Dangerous cold  you can call it. On those days, we stay in in the hotel, or just go out to some tea-shop and have tea and sleep there. Like I did for two days in Gwangju.

The first week in Seoul was ghastly cold and drying. The wind was equally bad.. we headed to Jeju-Do. It was much warmer there- but equally cold. Then I took a flight straight to Gwangju, which had fairly stabilized temperature.

This week, I'll be headed back to Seoul, which the weather reports as being colder in the North than in the South.

I've actually brought a number of travel skincare sets from Malaysia. However on arrival in Seoul, I realised that the entire range I brought here was utterly useless for a harsh winter climate.

The only range that actually worked from the range I brought was the one from Face Shop. Even that was bought in South Korea in my trip last year... no wonder they work....

SKINCARE USED SO FARThe items which have so far worked were:
  • The Face Shop Nutri Hand & Body Lotion (Natural Oatmeal)
  • The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Cream (Night)
  • Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sheet Mask
  • Etude House Collagen Wrapping Sheet Mask
  • Guk-Ur-Dun-Nam-Ja (꽃을든자)Coenzyme Q10 Hand Cream (suitable for winter). Ambassador is Gu Hye Sun from Boys Before Flowers.
  • A huge number of korean sheet masks that I have bought here so far...
  • I am going to try out this Innis Free Wine Essencial Sheet Mask (1,500won) tonight.
As for Kiehl's, I have not been able to find any of their shops. I have gone around looking for their brand, but it seems to be MIA. From here, I really have to concur that their range that we source from KL is not suitable for the South Korean winter.

Instead, there is a huge myriad of local branded brands which have yet to reach the Malaysian shores.
  • Tony Moly (main ambassador - singer & actor Kim-Hyun- from Boys over Flowers)
  • Innis Free (main ambassador- singer Im Yoona- from SNSD- Girls Generation)
  • Nature Republic (main ambassador - singer & actor Rain)
  • Aritaum (similar to SASA which stocks premium brands- IOPE, Laneige, Mamonde).
  • Yves Rocher (international brand-- so much more costly than normal korean brands)
  • IOPE (premium brand)
  • Mamonde (premium brand- main ambassador is Han Ga-In from Witch Yoo-Hee)
  • Hanskin (premium brand)
  • Skin79
  • Charmzone
  • Sulwhasoo (premium brand)
  • CastleDew (cosmetics- main ambassador- actress Ha Ji Won- from Hwangjini)
  • Tears (cosmetics- main ambassador- Kwon Sang-Woo)
The list is not exhaustive.


Jessying said...

Yves Rocher has been in Malaysia for the past 8 years or longer I assumed since, they have stores in Berjaya Times Square, I used to buy their lipbalm .. their store is still there I last check 2 weeks ago.

Jean said...

Mmm...Skin79 there cheap or not??=p

CY said...

ya.i know... i saw their store in Berjaya Times Square as well.

Skin79? not sure.... too many brands.. LOL. i'll go to Myeongdong and check again. There's where most of the skincare shops are located.

Laneige has its own shop there as well.

Miu said...

The only brands I could identify is:

Yves Rocher, it's no brainer Malaysians would know this brand.

Skin79 as I use their popular BB Cream.

rest of the brands sounds weird and foreign to my ears.