9 Jan 2010

Gwangju: Sleep & Eating like Dwae-Ji Day.

Today was a free & easy day. I basically just slept, ate, and slept again. So to make the day more interesting, I will share with the readers what I had for breakast, lunch, tea, dinner and after dinner. ^^

Today I changed the room at the motel to another room, as the internet facilities were a bit lacking.Since the rates of my room is internet inclusive, I thought I had better made use of whatever I had already paid for to good use. It would really save many a pretty penny.

The name of the place I am staying at? Venus Motel.

For breakfast, I had sushi- and shared some kind of vege- hameul tang (seafood and vege soup) with Matt. After which, he had to run off to some CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) meeting, so he arranged for me to meet up with one of his friends.

Matt's friend and I ordered this really uniquely strong korean kimchi dish with dwaeji-gogi (pork). Its not really the kind of dish that a wei-gok-gin (foreigner) could eat, as the flavour of the food may be too strong for foreigners who do  not normally eat Korean food on a daily basis. Even I had trouble with it.... the dish came up to about 12,000won for two persons.

For tea- we went to this place called Herbamaru (or its approximate name?). There is normally a fee charged for the room used (about 3,000won) but that was waived as the tea-shop was having renovations. We ordered a kind of citrusy tea, and honey coffee (which does not come with milk). The tea was about 8,000 won for two persons.

If I may say one thing, South Korea is not exactly well known for its coffee, but glutinous rice donuts might be their better specialties.

Anyways, I noticed that their teas & coffees are more costlier than their meals? For the cost of the tea, I can actually have a proper meal at any of the typical middle range restaurants. Having tea and coffee is not exactly the most economical lifestyle habit to cultivate somehow if one is a student ^^

We all ended up taking turns taking naps on the stools and pillows in Herbarum. We had a room to ourselves, and it was really a good place to go to in the middle of winter, and where a number of people can kick off their shoes and have ondol (underfloor) heating which also looked out onto the streets below.

The place actually shares the same concept as the boardgames & coffee bars, and Wii games room. Customers who come in have to order a coffee or tea in order to stay there. It is definitely a good place to go as it has a lot of room and leg space. Matt is definitely heading back there again!

Matt brought me and Marco (his Filipino friend) to have Kimchi Bok Sam), which came out to about 30,000 won+ for three persons. The dish came with two to three types of kimchi- one which had the chili powder & paste, and another which was kimchi without any chili. The pork belly is eaten rolled up in one of the large kimchi leaves and eaten.

On the side, the restaurant even served a huge tofu dish, a spicy meaty soup (name?) and other banchan as well.

We headed to the guk-jang (cinema) called the Hammi Cinema. Somehow, Matt has rather unique taste in movie selection, and this one tonight is called The Road, starring Virgo Mortissen.

Summary of the movie:
World is experiencing climate change. Father and son travel and travel and travel. People are killing each other and resorting to cannibalism. Father eventually dies. The End.
My take on the movie:
TOO SLOW a Drama type movie. Not my cup of tea. I'd rather have watched Sherlock Holmes, or Avatar.
Price of ticket per person: 7,000 won.

Anyways, its been really sweet of Matt to arrange for someone to be with me every single hour of the days I have been in Gwangju. I would like to travel out on my own on the bus (and practise my korean skills!) but he is somehow not agreeable with that idea..... 

I really appreciate the fact that Matt has been so considerate... but I'd really like to get lost for a bit (not that that has happened yet!!).

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