17 Jan 2010

Incheon Airport: Cheap Food?

I was roaming the Incheon Airport, Most people would know that food in airports are very, if not relatively expensive. Take for instance, Katsu Don.

Near academic and tertiary grounds, a katsu don will set you back for about 3,000Won. In the city area, it would be about 6,000-6,500 won. In the airport, you are looking at 9,000-9,500won.

So refusing to eat that much for that price, I roamed around the Incheon Airport. There was a map of the airport, which I had picked up. So I looked at the locations on the map, and went from floor-to-floor.

Till I went to the lowest ground in the Incheon Airport. This place was suprisingly not featured in the airport map! >.<

Which then I realised that the management wanted to gear the customers to the more costly dining fares. If one does not speak or read korean, you may have trouble ordering there, as the setup of the place is geared formally to their own staff and people working in the airport.

Prices started at 2,000 won for kimbap to about 4,500 won for rice with spicy stirfried pork. Which is fairly cheap. for staff prices. The place was the typical cafeteria type, where you poured your own water, and side dishes was totally self-service.

The same stands for most places as well. You just need to look for it. (and hopefully be able to read the menu as well!)

If you are a traveller in Korea, try looking for the duty-free shops. The shops will normally throw in more samples in lieu of the duty free, and will also throw in samples with most purchases anyways! However, like the Laneige shop I went to at Dongdaemun, they told me that they were giving me more samples as they didn't do the tax free procedure, although the sign outside states they do.

If you are wondering, you CAN get at the airport, skincare supplies in the duty-free shops (which you would have already gone through customs). The only thing that differs is that there are less samples to give out, but it will be duty-free anyways. So you'd have to choose between getting samples, or saving that hard earned cash of yours for just a few samples. >.<
 The products won't have to be packed into your check-in luggage, but duty-free bags can only be opened at the destination. This mostly applies to immigration strict countries like America and Australia. For the typical asian countries like South Korea, or even Malaysia, this rule is mostly ignored by most travellers.

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