17 Jan 2010

South Korea 2010: Reflection

I finally touchdown in Kuala Lumpur.

The last 18 days in South Korea has provided me a different insight of things Korean.Visiting South Korea for the second time round is an almost amazing adventure and experience on its own.

I observe and notice things which I have not before. Perhaps it is partially due to the fact that I have brushed up on my korean skills ?

Having spent a fair bit of time in the biting cold of -15 degrees celcius, where water will just freeze if you leave it outdoors, I can finally understand why just many koreans are willing to leave the country for warmer parts.

I am not going to complain about coming back as the cold is seriously and severely much for most to handle.

This year is the extreme for both hot & cold temperatures. 40 degrees in Australia, and -15 degrees ranging from South Korea, Beijing and even the UK. Is that a sign that the climate of our world is changing?

It is actually a relief to be back here in the sunny sights of a tropical climate country. Maybe that's why I saw so many koreans on the plane earlier tonight.


The trip was fairly good. In terms of the quality of the accomodation and food provided, The company really managed well on this aspect.

However, there was another aspect to which I was not too pleased. It was the fact that the tour guide had come with a next of kin.

There is nothing wrong bringing your next of kin in the tour. The only problem comes when the tour guide spends more time looking out for her next of kin when there are others who may need a hand. Especially if they are traveling alone.

As a solo traveller, I sometimes need another hand to help me take pictures. This really is a cause of concern.

I pay good money for my trip, and this is one aspect of the trip that I found they have overlooked, as well as dissapointing. It was not appropriate of me to ask the other travellers in the group to constantly help me take pictures, as they were there too to travel.

I believe you get the point that I am trying to put across without having to put it in too many words.


It was really a fantastic week meeting up with Matt and his friends. Matt really (well, almost) was with me every hour of the day I was in Gwangju). It was really nice of him to do that, however, now that I look at it, I do believe he need not have to do that… >.<

It’s nice being chaperoned… but at my age….

The cold weather was truly biting as well. If ever I head to South Korea in future (if I ever do head there again..!) it would either be in Spring (fairly cool), or Autumn (fairly cool, but not too hot) to visit the outdoors. That way I can drag less warm clothing, and buy more stuff.


I must have been crazy to spend so many days in Gwangju.... *crazy. crazy. crazy*


This week was basically just travelling back from Gwangju to Daejeon, Pyeongtaek, Anjoong, and finally (and officially) to Seoul.

I took the wrong train to Seoul and had to take another back to Pyeongtaek. Fortunately, it only set me back by 30 minutes. Had to take a separate intercity-bus from Pyeongtaek to Anjoong.That truly was an adventure on its own.


Surprise. Surprise. The administrative staff at the backpackers I stayed at had never even heard of Anjoong either before.....

Oh well. Ha ha ha. There's always a first time.

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