12 Jan 2010

Daejeon: Daelim Tourist Hotel.

I am now in the room of my Daelim Tourist Hotel room. Yup, if you are wondering, it seems that most motels & hotels here provide desktop internet access in most of the lodgings here. Except for ski resorts, and the really expensive Jeju Lotte Hotel, most of the places I have been to have provided internet access so far.

After spending almost a week in Gwangju, I'm now in Daejeon. Strangely enough, I think I might only stay a night here.

How was Gwangju? It was not too bad. The first two nights were really really cold, so heading to Sosaewon last Wednesday was actually not the best move. As the readers would have known,
we took the cab to Sosaewon on my second day in Gwangju.

On reflection, maybe I should have spent my first two days in Daejeon before heading there? I don't know. The third & fourth night was a free & easy day with my third night meeting all of Matt's church mates and my fourth night spent at HerbaMaru sleeping like a pig.

This morning, Matt came to get me from motel. We took the cab to the Bus Terminal for about 3,300won. Then we left our luggage in the Shinsegae Departmental Store. For comparison purposes, Shinsegae is comparable to Robinsons and Isetan in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. Bought my Gwangju-to-Daejeon bus ticket for 14,800won.

We ended up heading to E-Mart which is just a stone's throw away. Matt finally did some shopping while I just looked on. I ended up leaving half an hour earlier than my 2pm intended departure. In Korea, most public transportation and bookings are not carved in stone like it is in Australia, and there is no penalty fee like there is in Australia.. (which is definitely a good thing in South Korea!) hehe. It definitely makese at-hoc planning and travelling much easier.

Anyways, I got lost on my way to the tourist hotel today. You know what? After a week of being supervised, it never felt as good to get lost... even if I did, there is the cab that can read map.. It definitely feels good to get lost. But I must admit that if Matt was not in Gwangju, I probably would not have stayed as long as I did. The cab fare from the bus terminal to the hotel was about 5,800 won? I can't remember.

It's only one line here in Daejeon. There is also no day ticket here, as is it is in Busan. I was looking for it, but if there was, the ticket machine would have stated so.. Oh well. Its about 1,000-1,100won from one end of the line to the other.

It is not too bad. But it is a bit costly for one person to stay at. It costs 55,000won for one night here, including breakfast for the next morning. Check out is at 12pm. The amenities provided in the room are of better quality range- Kerasys and Dove body shower range, as well as the skincare range provided.
 But of course, the motel did not come with breakfast provided.

The Daelim Tourist Hotel is located one station before the Daejeon station. The Daejeon station allows people to transfer to the KTX.

I am now watching "미스다" (Chit Chat of Beautiful Women) on KBS 2 here in the Daejeon Daelim Hotel cable television. Their current hairstyle on the show seems to be clean cut and not much frills. I've decided that if I were to get any fashion trends from Korea, it'll be pretty adaptable to Malaysian work style as well. Do you know that there are two Malaysians on "미스다"? They are a brother and sister combo- Poh, and his sister Poh Kay In.

If there is one thing I must say about western food in South Korea (or in a typical asian country), the food here is really "Asianised". I have complained about the espresso drinks in Malaysia, and it is equally just as unappealing here as well. In summary- it is "instant" made.

I had ordered the burger & one piece fried chicken with cola set in Lotteria-- it costs about 5,800 won.. and my tummy was still crying for more after tha... oh well. Hence I had to settle for a rather unsatisfactory subway stall waffle & instant caramel latte for 2,700 won for supper on my way back to the hotel.

I really have to concur that I can't really get good espresso drinks around these parts.. Maybe Dunkin Donuts will fare better.

Ok goodnight everyone...going to take my "mo giuk tang" warm bath before heading to bed. Have a long day of travelling ahead tomorrow.

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