21 Jan 2010

Letting Off My Stuff.

Seeing that my room is full of "treasures" and how my domestic help cries in horror each weekend as I bring back some skincare circular from the departmental store... well!

My room is beginning to very much look like a store-room..!

Am not sure what I will be getting rid off, but among them are products from
  • Beauty Cottage (rubber masks, serums) 
  • Loccitane (body & hand series)
  • Hwangto Yellow Earth & Gold Mask
  • Lancome (Reviving Petals)
  • The Face Shop (Sleeping Mask)
  • Missha (face series)
  • Origins. (face series)
  • mask brushes
Other product range may include:
  • Etude House (Mask Sheets sold individually)
  • Laneige (Mask Sheets sold individually) 
As for how I'd sell it....
Payment Terms: COD/ Maybank
Delivery Terms: COD/Pickup in Tmn Desa, or near Mid Valley for now. Furthest maybe Petaling Jaya, when I go on my rounds.As for delivery by post, still learning how to go about it. So for convenience sake, it will have to be Maybank/COD/ Pickup

PRICES: Are Final & Not Negotiable. Thanks, but I don't do the China-Apek thing. You want to do that, go to the pasar malam.You want bargain price, I oon't layan you. I don't work in pasar malam.

RESERVING ITEMS: Items are reserved upon payment made. For serious buyers only.
No such thing as I booked first, and it's mine without payment made. Nobody goes to a shop and says it's theirs till they made payment already, right? We don't do that here either.

For more information: Enquire within at "thebeautyregime at gmail dot com".

UPDATE: Just Created the Blog. Please check out The Beauty Regime: Blogshop and be a "follower" for automatic updates!


norahs said...

Hi CY. I am waiting for you to post up your on sales items! I am interested to get Laneige face mask! Maybe other brands as well! When you going to post yah? - Norahs-

CY said...


Yeah its up. Just have to take pictures (depending on its necessity), and put in the price.